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Mustard oil contains good percentage of Omeg Alpha – 3 and Omeg Alpha- 6 fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E. This oil is generally used as cooking oil, but did you know mustard oil also does wonders to your face, hair and skin? Read More

Mustard and its oil ( sarso ka tel) is used since ages. Our parents, grandparents are very well aware of its cures and benefits. Even ayurveda describes mustard with its power of medicinal properties. Mustard is yellow in color and its oil is also dark yellow in color and slightly pungent. Read More

Most of us don’t know about benefits of mustard oil. But if you ask the benefits of mustard oil from our grand parents then they will share a long list of mustard oil benefits. Read More

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If you are a north indian, you would have seen a lot of mustard oil being used in cooking, in pickles and beauty treatments like ubtan (body pack) and hair oiling. In the earlier days women used this oil extensively maybe that is the reason why the have great skin, hair and health till date. Read More

Turns out mustard oil doesn’t just add a peculiarly good flavour to food, it can also work its magic on your skin and hair. Here’s why sarson ka tel should be the new addition to your skin, hair and beauty routine… Read More

The use of mustard oil as beauty enhancing agent dates back thousands of years in Indian history. Read More

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Is mustard oil good for using on face and body?have u used it? Read More

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