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Life Insurance provides the dual benefits of savings and security. The following benefits explain why this investment tool should be an integral part of your financial plans. Read More

Insurance serves many purposes and has many benefits for both individuals and businesses. Policies are purchased to provide protection against the potential of unexpected future losses and can help make sure assets, income, property and lifestyle are kept whole. Read More

No financial plan can be considered complete without an insurance review. Life and disability insurance are important in planning for contingencies, providing for dependants and ensuring your financial goals will be achieved. Read More

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These essential health benefits include at least the following items and services: Read More

We are wrapping up the first phase of our PriceCheck project. The goal is to shine a light on costs of common health care procedures in California. Read More

Starting in January 2014, the Affordable Care Act will require all new individual and small group health plans (for people who don’t have traditional job-based coverage) to cover important health benefits like maternity, mental health, preventive, and pediatric dental care. Read More

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Many people take out a life insurance policy in order to protect family members in case the insured person, usually the breadwinner, dies unexpectedly. In fact, life insurance policies are a great way of transferring risk from your family to your insurance provider. Read More

If you’re an employer or an employee, group insurance is a good thing. For employers, a group insurance plan helps strengthen compensation packages making it easier to recruit and retain quality people. Read More

As the percentage of large employers that consider a shift to defined contribution and/or private exchange increases, the number of options – and flexibility in those options – must also increase. Consideration for those options rose last year from 14% to 18% among large employers (500+ employees). Read More

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What are the benefits of having insurance? Read More

I am now eligible to get insurance through an employer. I haven’t had any insurance since 1993, and have never purchased it myself. Read More

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