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Cinnamon (Cinnamomum velum or C. cassia) has long been considered a “wonder food” in various cultures and science has shown that its active oil components such as cinnamaldehyde, cinnamyl acetate, and cinnamyl alcohol do convey certain health benefits. Read More

Who doesn’t love a sprinkling of cinnamon on fresh apple pie or atop a chai latte? It’s just one of those spices that tastes fantastic. Read More

Cinnamon is a spice that comes from the branches of wild trees that belong to the genus “Cinnamomum” – native to the Caribbean, South America, and Southeast Asia. Read More

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Cinnamon or dalchini is a staple addition to curries, pulav and biryani, but did you ever think that that tiny little bark could protect you from a host of illnesses right from cancer to cough and cold? Read More

Who has not sweetened his life with cinnamon? Surely you already made it, by adding a touch of cinnamon to oatmeal, coffee, or pancakes. Perhaps your goal is to increase the taste of your food, but … do you know all of its benefits? Read More

If I say cinnamon, you say … sugar? It’s a popular combination, of course. But if you’re interested in the health-promoting effects of cinnamon, you may want to think anew about the spice. Read More

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I haven’t yet met a person who doesn’t like the aroma or flavor of cinnamon, though there may be a few who don’t. From cinnamon rolls to red hot candy balls, to chewing gum and apple pie, cinnamon is well loved. Read More

Naturally sweet and delightfully aromatic, cinnamon is a wonderful fat resistance food just waiting for you in the spice rack. Mulled apple cider simmering on your stove with a stick of cinnamon is the ultimate aromatherapy for your home. Read More

With obesity and diabetes now officially epidemic in the United States, people are becoming more aware of the need to maintain an even, steady blood sugar. Read More

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So I was talking to my aunt and she told me all the awesome benefits of Cinnamon and honey..I did a little research and theres tons of benefits including weight loss. Read More

It is found that a mix of honey and Cinnamon cures most diseases. Honey is produced in most of the countries of the world. Scientists of today also note honey as very effective medicine for all kinds of diseases. Honey can be used without side effects which is also a plus. Read More

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Researchers from all around the world agree – cinnamon is simply loaded with health benefits!