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Whether you live by the beach or just dream about ocean breezes, enhance the natural beauty of your home with crisp white, splashes of bold color, and sea-themed accents. More Details

Apply the character of the coast to your home’s exterior with beach house-style architecture and accents of vibrant color. A Caribbean blue louvered doorway adds flair and beckons guests inside this Florida home. More Details

Whether you’re hours away from a coastline or steps away from golden sand, bring the beach inside your home through rustic, sea-inspired decor. Browse through these graceful shabby chic retreats for ideas and inspiration. More Details

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At Wasaga Beach Decorating, we know that your home should be a retreat and a haven. Our home decorating belief is that it’s all about you. All our clients are unique and we always keep your budget and tastes in mind. More Details

Are you and your family love the beach very much? Do you always spend your holiday at beach? And do you ever think to have a beach house interior design on your home? If yes, it means that you have make a right decision to do your hobby anytime. More Details

Answer: without a single seashell! When interior designer Orlando Soria was tasked with decorating a sea-side home, complete with a beautiful view of the ocean, he didn’t find it hard to apply that inspiration to his design. More Details