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Aloe vera is an ingredient in many pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, including hair care products. However, for those of us who live closer to the equator, coming by some aloe vera may be as easy and inexpensive as a trip to the backyard! Read More

Hair Loss is a traumatic experience whether the person losing hair is male or female. When it comes to prevent excessive loss of Hair there are many choices- which can basically be divided into 2 categories. Read More

Does television advertisements make you feel your hair is not glossy, healthy and strong enough? When you see the models showing off their long and shiny tresses, do you silently wish you have glossy hair? Read More

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we all have a general idea on how this plant works. This succulent jelly-like plant substance, the core of the plant around which all our problems revolve is a thorny plant, a small one, of the cactus variety with fleshy leaves that forms the significant part of the plant. And within this leaves is hidden the secret elixir to all our hair problems. Read More

Previously we had discussed about the benefit of aloe vera application on skin. Today, I am writing about how to make a hair mask out of aloe vera and coconut oil. Read More

Benefit of aloevera juice are innumerable and I have been writing about this amazing plant since long. Read More

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Two high school students are doing what an entire cosmetic industry has seemingly ignored: test the hair growth potential of aloe vera, which has a long history as a folk remedy but surprisingly few research studies. Read More

Do you often face one of those mornings where your bath drain is blocked because of all the hair you’re shedding? Read More

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so, i’m sitting here with aloe vera gel in my hair & im wondering if it will actually make my hair grow longer. i heard that it helps for hair loss & i heard it promotes hair. Read More

Aloe Vera is an ancient plant of medicinal use. By origin it is from Africa, but has been used in every old civilization for medicinal purposes. Read More