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Day Picnics are typically where families and friends spend a day in a getaway resort, waterpark, farm or any such place in close proximity to major cities for a bit of fun and recreation. Read More ….

Mumbai, India has centuries of old history and many sites of tourist interest. Read More ….

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To find recluse in the lap of nature and escape the never ending days of the Maya Nagri, here is my list of quick getaways around Mumbai. Read More ….

In Mumbai, your life mostly revolves around the kind of money you make. I am not criticizing the kind of life that Mumbaikars live but the kind of life they are forced to live. Read More ….

Located at Neral (Malegaon) village on central railway route on Mumbai, Saugna baug is basically a farm and agriculture location started by an Indian freedom fighter named ‘Harikaka Bhadsavle’. Read More ….

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Monsoon has arrived in Mumbai, what a pleasant climate. why don’t we go for one day picnic near Mumbai. There are many places like Kanheri Caves, Bhivpuri water falls etc to visit near Mumabai. Read More ….

New to mumbai. pls share best places to go in and around Mumbai. ~200kms one way. Read More ….